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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 3, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm MDT

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fox 31 denver news at 9:30. >> labor day weekend is not traditionally a holiday where you happy about being on the roadways but in castle rock there is cause for celebration. >> fox 31 joe st. george joins us with how a new interchange is improving life for a lot of residents in that area. >> this interchange sonu it's
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it's being called tonight a game changer for castle rock. labor day weekend for congestion, full of traffic. >> i know i 25 will always be congested and a mess. >> but if you live in castle rock, traffic is a way of life, many commuting up and down the busy i 25 daily, but this weekend. >> i cannot wait for the it to open. >> jamie nicole is one of countless people celebrating the roadways in the opening of the new castle rock parkway, just north of >> i've noticed that cut 17 minutes off my time commuting to and from work everyday. >> jamie says the new road allows her and others to get on and off 25 with these. >> it's now known as castle rock parkway and it's been in the planning stages for ten years. >> bob covell says the project of -- it's part of a massive plan to better improve transportation in the era of massive growth.
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working on and trying to stay on top of the growth. >> if you plan on using them out, neighbors tell us watch out for the continuing construction as well as nearby cones, some traffic lights still are running. >> other people may not like it because a lot more traffic is coming through here. >> ray brett says some new complain about new parts of town doing with more cars, most believe the change is for the better. >> this is awesome. it's so easy to get on and off the highways. it's pretty great. >> the project cost of her $80 million and involves about three years worth of construction. they do expect a lot of people to use it. it is a cut through to the outlets. joe st. george, fox 31. >> are looking for something to do tomorrow a taste of colorado festival at civic center park continues. >> around a half million people are expected to show up to denver's largest food festival.
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better if mark monstrola would drive down and picks him up for us. this is the colorado court companies 22nd year at the festival, so why do they keep coming back? >> it's a lot of fun and we will solve a lot of years of corn. there are times we can sell up to eight years of corn a second. >> i like trying foods and normally wouldn't try because it, and a full meal. i feel like all of the taste of beautiful weather. >> sunny and beautiful is what we like to hear. still have a few hours left to enjoy the festival until 10:00. it will reopen spero morning at 10:30 and it runs through monday night. >> few want to check out the festival, organizers are encouraging visitors to find alternate transportation. there are a bunch of road closures in detours, not to mention all the people attending. roads around the park are expected to reopen by tuesday
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>> when a denver zoo most beloved elephants has died. dolly was euthanized today, just days after being moved into hospice care while she battled several health-related problems. she was born in the wild in southeast asia and no one is exactly sure how old she is, but zookeepers believe she was at least 52 years old. that would make her the tenth oldest elephant in a north american superior to lift at the zoo since 1990. >> across america, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hits oklahoma. the trimmers from the quake to be felt and six nearby states. this is a quick head around 7:0s epicenter just 10 miles away from northwest poni, oklahoma. it's considered one of the service? in oklahoma history. officials there say woman was hurt by falling bricks will trying to protect his child. the government is on the seating if oil and gas drilling may have triggered it --
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brain of a pesticide to battle the zika virus. >> i was angry that day. i couldn't wrap my head around the fact that we spray poison from the sky six officials in dorchester county are not apologizing for accidentally killing millions of honeybees last weekend paired they claim they did provide sufficient notice to local beekeepers before early spraying ismo area of the town for zika carrying mosquitoes. is that it does not provide details on the type a pesticide that was being used. >> even though there were mistakes made, i don't feel like anybody to the center malicious way to harm my bees. >> in the past military space for mosquito control by truck and at night, when the bees are in their highs. this time, the county decided to spray era lee, just before sunrise paired they also used a product that is considered highly toxic to bees. kenny officials say no more ariel spraying a schedule.
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after former hurricane hermine is picking up speed and taking aim at the northeast. forecasters say the tropical storm could strengthen back into a hurricane monday through wednesday. in north carolina's outer banks the storm brought whipping winds, heavy rain and life-threatening surf. officials warning thrill seekers to stay away from the ocean, as wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour create very dangerous conditions. thousands of people in north carolina and parts of neighboring virginia are still without power tonight. the storm has left a big mess up and on the east coas without a home. to be the raccoon sauce the moment with storm hit and photo. they fell out of a tree that was knocked over in the storm. a homeowner who found them said the mom was nowhere to be found, he befriended the little guys and it looks like he made some new friends. >> there stranded in wet and cold in their babies. they don't know nothing. this is all they know. >> a rescue group later took the baby raccoons in. >> president obama is in china ahead of the g20 summit.
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after getting off the plane, president obama appeared with the chinese president in a ceremony, announcing that the two countries have formally joined the paris agreement. the climate change deal marks a major milestone. under the agreement, the layered leaders affirmed their commitment to work together and adopting an ambitious amendment to the montr?al protocol and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. more than a week after a major earthquake hit italy, a family found hope in a rubble it came inhe -- they shouted out the dog's name and miraculously heard him bark. you can actually see firefighters digging out the dog. once he was freed, the grateful golden made his rounds greeting all the rescuers, wagging his tail the entire time. >> can you imagine the firefighters in all a horrible things they saw cleaning up that and what it must be like to see
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great story. the presidential races heating up across the country but some in colorado say there are no longer a battleground state. >> next, the divide that is clear and conroe that may end up making the difference in the so-called purples states across the country. >> and missed all the football, the rockies are still holding onto the thin playoff hopes.
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politicians and political analysts often turquoise the
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racial or economic issues. >> but there's another kind of divide here in colorado. fox news correspondent alicia acuna expense how it plays and the presidential race. >> there aren't any craps with anything besides cantaloupe and watermelons. performer erik van dyke and many others living in rural america, the economic recovery they keep hearing about hasn't happened yet. >> a lot of people do have other jobs. sixty-three hours away in denver, ellen dumb policing sound direction ever since president obama took office. >> we are in the midst of the worst economic recession that i have ever experienced in my lifetime so i think definitely in the last eight years things have improved. >> she said she is voting for hillary clinton and vandyke says probably dump trump. analysts say the stark difference in viewpoint from two people in the same state can be summed up in one word:geography. colorado was a second fastest growing state in the nation
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it almost all of its growth has been in the north-south urban corridor. that's where you find denver and a majority of democrats. the rural eastern endeavor western parts of the state trend republican. >> we've actually seen a decline in population between 2010 and 2015 in rural america while cities have been growing quite rapidly. >> with dwindling populations and economies come shrinking political clout. key tossup states like virginia, north carolina and especially colorado have the economic gap between city and country, according to the economic innovation group. in otero county, colorado with a population less than 20,000, folks point out, most state and federal government agencies are based in big cities where it's easy to forget the price of convenience. >> people in urban areas don't realize anymore whether milk comes from, where their meat comes from, where their poultry, pork, grains, cereals, all that work comes from. >> the matter who was in office
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long time to start to kill some of the winds we have in the united states. >> and with fewer farms and coal mines on the landscape, analyst say the political shift is expected to continue parts of the republicans are attempting to navigate as democrats target traditionally red states. in denver, alicia acuna, fox news. >> some could spend summer break swimming, playing video games, but 112 -year-old had a different plan. >> he is busy building history business. >> we of the classic which is a savory, garlic cheesy flavor. that's the flavor of that started it all. our second flavor is barbecue. >> those all sound delicious. jaden's parents said he has a knack for entrepreneurship ever since he was little. he asked his parents of the start of war may begin popcorn company called j rocks popcorn. his parents are they could be more proud, but his little sister feels different. >> i feel happy sometimes but
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i'm a baby. >> too cute. the family says they spend their time growing the business together at festivals and farmers markets around chicago. >> now pinpoint weather with meteorologist mark monstrola. >> and that i have to get some of that popcorn for the studio here pretty soon. hopefully you are enjoying your labor day weekend. did we enjoy a good one today as far as weather goes. plenty of such a downtown although eastern plains a different story for there are number of pretty powerful thunderstorms which you talk about in a second. there's just a few, and when i say a few, two or three little cells as far as the ring goes. there all moving to the northeast. they fade out soon. also a little batch of light rain just moved to estes park around 34 near lyons as well. if it holds together fort collins could see a brief light shower and it really may just be drizzle that blows through.
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the storms are now moving out toward nebraska and kansas and in the high country most areas are dry but a little batch of rain moving to the northwest quarter. here's what is happening in the planes earlier this afternoon. the metro you had no idea there was hail as largest tuna half inches in parts of washington county. when gus up to 50 right miles per hour. then hail county was about an inch at large. it was a pretty nasty day across eastern plains. everything beginning to settle down and notice the big plume of moisture that is over the rockies now moving to the north through wyoming, northern utah and montana. everything to the south for with the flow is coming from is drying out. that's what's going to be headed our way over the next three afternoons. i think the rest of the labor day weekend for most areas at
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the high country's could see a few sporadic showers tonight. much of the same will be the case through tomorrow in the upper elevations. it's very widely scattered on future cast. meanwhile the city and eastern plains sunshine from sunrise through sunset. it should be a lovely sunday and i think we do it all over again as a get back into labor day. as a taste of florida festival is ongoing this evening for about another 15 minutes or so we pick up again tom great time at civic center park. 71 degrees in the city right now. lovely night. 66 degrees at dia and a nice breeze coming in. i think it continues to be breezy on and off tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow looks windy with gusts up to 25 miles per hour. it will be toasty as it was this afternoon. 90 degrees downtown and a warm one in the mountains with 70s and '80s showing up. a bit cooler and more
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'70s east with chilly 40s, 50s and 60s in the mountains. most tonight will dip down into the upper 50s before once again returning to the upper 80s and low 90s with 70s expected across the higher terrain. storms coming to an end now. clearing skies from here. maybe patchy fog but other than that it's nothing but sunshine and breezy conditions with highs back t three day forecast as much of the same as we head toward labor day. what's you get into the day tuesday is when things start to shift. we returned temperatures back to average and that cold front the bring a 20 percent chance for a peek a few passing showers. we will share the broncos thursday forecast. we will let you know what that looks like coming up. >> i think it's warm for the football season and so far we have a cool down a little bit?
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>> i don't know anyone more excited for college football to start the me. it's the first college football saturday of the season. there were actually big surprises out there tonight. >> white is john elway think the broncos could be an improved offensive team. >> and bradford gets a change of address it out pretty stee as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet.
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believe parents and our communities know what's best for our kids. thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 30,000 bonus miles.
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which seems to excite john elway >> i'm excited about offense. we have a chance to be better. we are better than the offense of line, especially as we get healthier. i think we are the offensive line and running backs i think were deeper at running backs radar receiver still day. i think we of a chance. >> elway denied a report that claims the team a shopping cornerback a keep to lead. the broncos are back to work tomorrow getting ready for wednes panthers. they are counting it down. cecil shorts in houston, andre williams by the giants and tennessee's dexter mccluster were amongst the most recognizable names getting cut today. sam bradford is the fourth lowest rated cornerback starter since he came into the league in 2010, but he did have a decent second half of the season for the eagles last year, and let's face it, the vikings were desperate. that's why they sent to
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conditional fourth-round are the year after to philly for the former first overall pick in the draft. bradford will be reignited with adrian peterson in minnesota. both played at ou. the bikes are reeling after the season ending injury to teddy bridgewater earlier this week. the big 12 should have invited houston right on the spot today as it might be the conferences only way to get a college football playoff team. the cougars have their way with the third -ranked sooners. brendan wilson with the play the day, taking a missed field goal and roebling about 109 yards with it for a touchdown and broke open what would've been a fairly competitive game. from that point houston dominated. very impressive by a team that was supposedly rebuilding on the defensive end. -- weston graves lining up for a chip shot from 28 yards out. a kickstart mississippi state shouldn't have needed against south alabama.
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happened. south alabama wins 21-20. lsu on the ropes at wisconsin. down 16-14 and onto the last chance. brendan harris who struggled all game long gets picked by dakota dixon and this one is going the way of the badges. watch of frustration at end of the playford you don't see it but he takes a shot at them and gets ejected. tiger's could be in trouble for their national championship hunt and rate there badgers 16-14. to baseball, the rockies trying to make the match or math work for them. but with less than a month left in the regular season, to me that math is looking more like intro goals of inverse trigonometric functions, actually i don't have the faintest idea what that is. rocks making life difficult for itself once again tonight. the state they rallied from five down to win and tonight it would
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wellington castillo, keen a five-run third off tyler chat would with bases-loaded wrap and all three score on the double. six nothing to start. rockies get one on the third into an the fifth. they cut the deficit to three. then three hits, chat would was chased after five innings in his first or in nearly a month. we will have reaction coming up in 30 minutes if you want to hang around for it. >> as for the hit about being a rockies fan. you get your hopes up and then you have to come back to earth in a hurry. the reality is with 28 games left, they won five of the last six but you lose a game like this and now all of a sudden you are back to five and a half. >> so many teams ahead of you. >> exactly. that's a big problem. there is still a good extended winning streak from getting back into this. >> better than last year. >> at least the weather was nice.
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will share the 70 coming up with you. >> fox 31 denver news at
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fox 31 denver news at 10:00. >> the douglas county sheriff's detective critically injured in a shooting yesterday is still in critical condition tonight. thanks for staying with us i'm keagan harsha. >> i'm erika gonzalez paired they for the shooting happened in parker yesterday around to:30. detectives just clearing the scene a few hours ago. fox 31 mccready editor spoke with the mayor of parker. >> they are told us he was so witnesses and other officers and the suspects family. that's why he said the community is stepping up to do everything they can to help. last night in downtown parker prayer vigil was held. today officers on scene were delivered food and at the hospital where families patiently waiting for good news. >> a call for help turns deadly when a man opens fire at officers responding to his home. >> there's a lot of victims of the scenario.


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